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Pest Control Services in Zimbali, Ballito

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Pest Guru provides high-quality pest control services in Zimbali, Ballito, with estate approved chemicals and practices.

We provide the following services, and key to our success is being owner run and managed, as well as investigating the root cause of any pest problem and providing ways to eliminate the pest in a cost effective and quick manner.

We supply the following Pest Control Services in Zimbali:

  • Inspection – We inspect on site, we may require access to the home for this. Inspection is the key to establishing whether the pest in question is the only pest, as often multiple pests are present in a location.
  • Identification – We identify the pest, as well as other harbouring areas.
  • Recommendation – We prescribe a course of action for the homeowners complete peace of mind.
  • Treatment & control – We implement a treatment program, and remove the pests. Our team will also advise on what to expect and look for after treatment.

The most common pests in Zimbali are:


In South Africa, there are two common species of ants called the Pharaohs ant and the common black ant. The Pharaohs ant is the species that does pose a risk to one’s health due to the habitat they can occur in which can be refuse areas, drains, and sewers which in turn is a high risk of transmitting various pathogens.

Ants are a nuisance in buildings and can be a medical problem when infesting health care facilities.


Fleas are temporary parasites and usually get on their hosts to feed at least once a day. Fleas carry disease from rats to humans.


Termites are one of the most destructive groups of all insects. Termites do damage to wood, paper, curtains and clothing and given the heavy use of wood products within Zimbali Estate, Pest Guru can help with specialized services for termites.


Rats produce litters average 6-14. A female can have up to 10 litters per annum. Rats transmit diseases like Murine typhus, salmonellosis, ratbite fever etc.

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