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Entomology Inspections & Certificates

When buying or selling a home certain entomology inspections are required by law, including a home inspection and termite Inspection.

Banks often require entomological clearance certificates in areas with known wood borer problems before they will finance a property transaction. The sales agreement between seller and purchaser will normally include a clause that requires the seller to produce a valid Certificate of Clearance for Wood-destroying Insects.

Only wood-destroying pests of economic significance are at issue. These can be divided into two broad groups, namely wood-destroying insects and wood-destroying fungi. Most property sales agreements require that only wood-destroying insects are reported and eradicated.

Buyers can stipulate on the Deed of Sale which insects they want treated if this isn’t clear. Treatment recommendations will vary for different types of wood-destroying insects – most commonly gassing for borer beetles and large-scale problems, and injecting below slab level for floors infested with white ants.

After an initial inspection the inspector will inform the seller if evidence of infestation or live activity is found. If there are no live wood-destroying insects then subject to certain conditions, a clearance certificate will be issued. If infestation is found, a quote and arrangements for fumigation will follow.

Not all termites and beetles can attack dry seasoned timber. The most common problem wood-destroying insects locally are:

  • Natal Subterranean Termite – Macrotermes natalensis
  • West Indian Drywood Termite – Cryptotermes brevis
  • Common furniture beetle – Anobium punctatum
  • Powder post beetle – Lyctus brunneus
  • European house beetle – Hylotrupes bajulus
  • Meranti commonly has some minor damage by Pinhole Borer, but this dies out during the curing process and is not a threat to seasoned timber.

What treatments are involved?

If infestation is found, the affected buildings will need treatment to eradicate the infestation before a Certificate of Clearance may be issued. Because of the stringent requirements for a Certificate of Clearance, the recommended treatment must also make allowance for the possibility of latent infestation and infestation in inaccessible areas.

What is included in a Termite Inspection?

The inspection is conducted in the following areas of the home:

  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Roof areas
  • All crawl space areas

In order for the banks or your lender to loan money this sort of termite inspection can only be performed by a state-certified termite professional.

Certificates last for only 3 months at a time, so buyers need to request the most recent one. Our inspectors are certified and qualified and registered with the Government as Inspectors and Eradicators of Termites and Wood Destroying Organisms.

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