Pre Construction Pest Control

Pre Construction Pest Control and Soil Poisoning

Pre Construction

Soil poison treatment for the protection of new buildings has received a bad rap around the industry for decades. It has been exploited and used by individuals looking to make a quick buck, some of whom are not even licensed, pulling the wool over the eyes of many a builder.

Some builders have said that they have been building for over 30 years and have never had the ground trenches or perimeter soil treated. This may result in a cheaper cost for the builder or more profit in the bottom line, but it is robbing the customer who is paying the builder in the first place.
Do your checks and do your costing.
In our industry the label is the law.

Below is a good guideline for those who want to now do it right.

Pre-Construction Soil Poisoning SANS 10124:2006

Preparation of site:

  • Eradication of existing nests shall be done to all termite colonies / mounds within 50m of the perimeter of the building or of the boundary of the property, which ever is the shorter distance.
  • Scraps of building timber shall not be buried in the back fill or in hard core under floors, slabs, etc.
  • Surface beds shall be level, with no holes or falls to allow for an even soaking of the soil insecticide.

Treatment Application:

1 – Treatment of foundation trenches, foundation walls and service trenches shall be treated at the recommended rate of 5L / linear meter, before the foundations are cast.

2 – Ground surface on which the floor slabs will be laid shall be treated with soil insecticide at the recommended label rate of 5L / sqm, after compaction and before the concrete is cast.

3 – Soil back filled around the outer perimeter walls shall be treated with soil insecticide at the recommended label rate of 5L / linear meter.

4 – All unexposed soil areas of aprons, porches, verandas, entrance steps, garages, carports, paved walkways and driveways connected to buildings shall be treated with soil insecticide at the recommended label rate of 5L / sqm.

Post treatment:

1 – If more than 15mm of rain falls within 24 hrs of application of the soil insecticide, the treatment shall be repeated unless the treated area has been adequately protected with plastic sheeting.

Certficate of treatment:

Once the job is completed the certficate of treatment will be drawn up with the following:

  • Company name, details and P-registration number.
  • Treatment of areas done.
  • Size of surface and linear meters treated.
  • Chemical used.
  • Mix rate of chemical.
  • Application rate of chemical.
  • Date of application.
  • Guarantee period.

Anything less than the above and you are probable getting a dodgy, unprofessional job.

Post Construction

Post construction treatments for the protection of buildings against the attack of subterranean termites.

For the effective control of 5 years a continuous layer of soil insecticide needs to be applied under and around the concrete floor at the application rate of 5L / sqm and 5L / linear meter.

The building needs to basically be retreated in a way similar to when it was first built to give a continuous protective layer of soil insecticide.

A number of steps need to be taken for effective control against subterranean termites that are attacking a building. The Pest Guru is happy to inspect your home and explain this treatment to you.

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